Hipshots Corporate Portraits Brisbane FAQs

What sort of background is best for Linkedin headshots

For individual headshots at our studio we begin each session using a white background. For most clients a white background gives a clean fresh look without any distractions, leaving the focus on your face, expression and personality. Anyone viewing your profile will want to see a current and accurate image of the person who they may ultimately meet.

Some clients ask for different options for example a grey or black background. Any background is possible, indoors, outdoors, studio backdrop or colour. We will consult with you before your session to create the best look that matches your brand identity.

Can you come to our office and photograph our team there

Yes, we can come to your office, no matter how small or large your organisation is.

What other alternatives are there to shooting in our office, for example on location or outside our building

Many companies choose to represent their brand by using diverse locations. We’ve setup studios at conferences, using streetscapes, specific architectural settings, just about anywhere.

What should I wear, should I bring different outfits for the photo session

You should wear normal business attire appropriate to your industry and that anyone meeting you would recognise you in. Grooming is key here, make sure you arrive at you session relaxed and well groomed with neatly pressed attire. Bringing more than one outfit will give you more options.

What sort of expression will be best

Ask anyone in Australia about headshot photography and they’ll usually say that the images should be relaxed and with a smile. This doesn’t always work best for everyone. We’ll coach you through your photo session to find the expression which best represents your personality and facial features. Everyone is different.

There are some keywords that will help you visualise what makes a great headshot.

Authentic, genuine and natural.

Trustworthy or approachable.


How much retouching do you do

You want anyone viewing your profile photograph to see a current and true depiction of how you really look. The aim here is for minimal post production, almost no retouching if we can make that work. A flattering look can be created by the photographer using correct lighting and other techniques in the studio, retouching in post production should be looked at as a tool to reveal an honest representation of the person.

What is a headshot anyway

A headshot is exactly as the word implies, a photograph of someone’s head which clearly shows their face and expression. Usually cropped tightly at the shoulders. A headshot is still a portrait of a person. The headshot photograph usually has the purpose of showing someone’s face to promote their personal brand. The word headshot sets this type of portrait apart from other ways to describe a portrait of a person, for example full length or half length portraits.

Will the files supplied by Hipshots be suitable for social profiles

After your photo session, the files will be uploaded to a Dropbox folder and are formatted ready for web use on any social site or anywhere else online. Hi res files are also supplied for print and other branding opportunities. If you have other requirements for file delivery or specific file sizes we can tailor the files to suit your exact specifications.

How do I choose the images for my online profile

You will be able to view your images throughout your photo session and choose the final images by the end of your session.

“I always look terrible in photographs”!

Relax and enjoy your session then everything will fall into place.

Let’s put this back on the photographer for a moment. Commercial portrait photography usually allows for a very brief window to create an engaging portrait. Often photographing someone you’ve never met before who has to be somewhere else before they even arrive for their photo session. The big takeaway from this is to relax and let your photographer take care of getting that perfect shot. If you’re relaxed and ready to enjoy your photo session, the collaboration between you and your photographer will show in the photographs and ultimately make the connection to anyone who views your profile.